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PFA+D focuses on artists working at the juncture of art, craft, and design.

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Encourage the enhancement of the artist’s skills, design excellence, by helping them flourish creatively and commercially


Convene with other art organizations, guilds, artists, and artisans to maximize learning opportunities and celebrate the transformative power of art and design


The organization provides an average of 10 treks a year, giving participants expedition in the world of fine quality crafts a year giving participants access to


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Just for PFA+D members – another art-filled Saturday adventure awaits you March 2, 2024
From a renowned Collection (Alita and Rick Rogers) to an exciting Collective (Collective 62) join PFA+D friends as we travel together to Brickell Key, Little Haiti and Little River

Limited to 25 persons in each group.

Registration: $25     Lunch: Dutch treat

Because of space limitations at the Alita and Rick Rogers Collection, attendees will be split into two groups (A and B) for the visits. All will join together for “Dutch treat” lunch at 1:00 PM at The Citadel, 8300 NE 2nd Avenue.

To ease Brickell Key parking issues, PFA+D will help create carpools among registrants (5 persons in each car.) Exact addresses and driving instructions will be provided to those registered.

Here’s the day’s agenda.

A visit to Hieronymus, the private collection of Rick and Alita Rogers, Brickell Key

Group A visits at 9:45 AM   Group B visits at 11:15 am

Hieronymus was established as an online gallery in 2014 to showcase the collection of the Richard and Alita Rogers Family Foundation. The name and aesthetic inspired by the Renaissance artist Hieronymus Bosch, whose stirring paintings depict fantastical scenes of both delight and terror. Like Bosch’s paintings, the collection of ceramics, paintings, prints, sculpture, and other curiosities, traverses the grotesque and picturesque, the sacred and profane- with an appreciation for experimentation; sensuous, biomorphic forms; refined, carefully wrought materials; a sense of humor and whimsy. The collection crosses through time and geography, contemporary ceramics and twentieth-century design are among its strengths. (Note: The collection at their winter residence in Miami is a sampling of their art holdings in their home in Akron, Ohio.)

A visit to Collective 62 Studio and Gallery – Hosts: Carol Damian and Nina Surel

Group A visits at 11:45 AM   Group B visits at 2:30 PM

“The Belt of Venus,” the name of the show, refers to a pink glow above the horizon opposite the sun at sunrise and sunset. The name is inspired from the girdle that is said to be worn by the goddess Venus.

“The Belt of Venus” exhibit at Collective 62 comprises work by in-house artists Alex Nunez, Veronica Pasman and Capucine Safir – augmented by two invited artists: Patricia Schnall Guiterrez and Nereida Garcia Ferraz. Each of these artists demonstrate a thoughtful dedication to their work and have a vision to push their own boundaries as they progress through the business of living through art.

All of us will meet together at lunchtime at 1:00 PM at The Citadel, 8300 NE 2nd Avenue.

Looking forward to seeing you on March 2!

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