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Nina Johnson Gallery

Artists: Katie Stout

Katie Stout, regarded as one of the leading designers of her generation, has her work exhibited in institutions such as Anderson Ranch Art Center, Co; Schloss Hollenegg, Austria; and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where her work is included in the permanent collection. Katie, based in Brooklyn, is regarded as one of the leading designers of her generation. She describes her work as “naive pop, a characterization of furniture as it is traditionally understood and of the motif of suburban domestic life.” In 2015 Nina Johnson gave Katie her first solo exhibition and her third solo show right before the pandemic swept the globe in 2020.

Artists: Bari Ziperstein
Medium: Mixed Media Sculpture

Bari Ziperstein, a Chicago-born artist based in Los Angeles, works in mixed media sculpture with a primary focus on ceramics. Bari is constantly reinventing what a piece of ceramic art can be. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design, Santa Barbara, Ca; American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, Ca; as well as recent exhibitions at Charles Moffett Gallery, New York, NY and Mier Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca. Bari’sinnovative work stretches the materiality of ceramics beyond expectation.